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"THE FALLEN " ~ Audrey Auld  (2000)

All songs written by Audrey Auld except 'Alcohol & Pills' by Fred Eaglesmith and 'Jackson' by G. Rodgers/B.Wheeler.

Audrey Auld's debut solo album, 'The Fallen', is a modern country album with all the steel guitar the traditionalists love. Of the 12 tracks, 10 are from Audrey's pen and, like all good country songs, tell stories of the helpless heart - falling in love, falling apart, falling out of love, falling off the rails or falling down in a bar.

* ARIA nominee "Best Country Album" 2001
* Australian Independent Country Music Awards nominee -
  Album of the Year and the Female Vocalist of the Year 2001
* Golden Guitar Finalist - Female Vocal and New Talent 2000

I'd Leave Me Too
Black Cloud
Shove It
To The Bone
Alcohol and Pills
Without You
Too Far To Fall
Still Holding On
Missing You
Song For Clax

Produced by Audrey Auld


"Audrey's new solo offering remains in the traditional fold, but exudes a certain coolness that will appeal to the more image conscious fans. Although not related to Kasey Chambers, Audrey displays a similar tearjerk catch in her voice that is quite charming and works perfectly with the roots-based material, largely written by the artist herself. Audrey's own material is superb. 'The Fallen' is a stunning first album. Traditional yet cool, it should appeal right across the age divide, again demonstrating that Australia is producing some of the best country music on offer today. One more for my Albums of the Year." ~ Craig Baguley, UK, Nov 2000

ROLLING STONE, Aust. ***1/2 stars
"Once a punk, local singer-songwriter/producer Audrey Auld has found her real voice as a pure country crooner. This, her second album stakes her place as a rootsy purist from the teers-inyour- beer, dark-clouds-overhead variety - but, hey, that's done Kasey Chambers no harm at all. The jaunty western swing of "Jelly Roll" lightens the mood, but in the main this is the type of country where a little heartache is good for you, drawn from the time before big hair and even bigger hats took over twang." ~ Jeff Apted

"Audrey has come of age from her country music apprenticeship with the redoubtable Bill Chambers to post a stunner of a solo album. She wrote all but two tracks and produced to boot, handling some of the country's top pickers and roping in US artist Dale Watson for a duet. This is a first class package that will find favour worldwide for the way Audrey has been able to blend the new with the old. Vocally she tends towards the strident style of 1950s/1960s country stars Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn but Tassie born Audrey takes a post modern stance in the way she uses such influences. 'Black Cloud' is tending towards the sort of Gothic country Gillian Welch does and is adventurous indeed. It is followed by the straight ahead Bakersfield/Buck Owens style 'Shove It' while 'To The Bone' brings us back to the territory staked out on the previous Bill & Audrey album. There are convincing shuffles, weepers and the joyful romp of the classic 'Jackson' with duet from Watson to mark this as a special album sure to figure in the best country releases of the year." ~ Keith Glass, Aust. 2000

"The word is that this is one of the most impressive country albums this country has generatedsince 'The Captain', and after giving it a few whirls I'd have to agree. There are a variety of country styles canvassed on 'The Fallen'. It possesses an alternately modern and 'old time' feel, with Audrey's influences obviously being fairly wide ranging. Overall it is an emotionally involving recording with much to admire about it." ~ Craig N Pearce, Aust. Oct 2000

"I just finished spinning Audrey Auld's THE FALLEN on Reckless Records for about the 4th time and all I can say is I'll do it again! This beautiful songbird has a voice that I am sure is making Tammy Wynette smile in heaven. Her vocals and her songwriting ability will take you on a journey that will convince you've made a happy pit-stop in old Tennessee. Audrey writes a country song the way it should be; from the heart and with a little bit of sass and humor thrown in for good measure. This lady has produced this neoclassic piece of work herself and smart enough to surround her work with talented, dedicated people like Bill Chambers, Nash Chambers and Jeff McCormack to name a few". ~ Belinda Coward, USA Dec 2000

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