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"GARAGE SALE " ~ Compilation  (2003)

A diverse compilation of unreleased and deleted tracks from Bill Chambers and Audrey Auld, including a live recording of Fred Eaglesmith and Audrey Auld, plus duets with Camille Te Nahu and Rick Carey, and sample tracks from The Yearlings and Mary Gauthier.

The Angels Rejoiced - Bill & Audrey
Fake Love With Me - Audrey Auld
Goodbye - Bill Chambers
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Audrey Auld and Camille Te Nahu
Hillbilly Daddy - Bill Chambers
Cry - Audrey Auld
Tex & Buddy - Bil & Audrey
The World Changed Today - Audrey Auld
Wilder Than Her - Fred Eaglesmith with Audrey Auld (live)
I'll Never Be Fooled Again - Audrey Auld and Rick Carey
Mountain Home - Audrey Auld
Going Crazy Without You - Bill Chambers
1-800-Go-Tell-John - Audrey Auld
Santa Spend Xmas With Me - Audrey Auld
He's A Good Dog - Audrey Auld
You Remind Me Of A Bad Memory - Audrey Auld
Hobo's Meditation - Audrey Auld
Oh, Susanna - The Yearlings
Camelot Motel - Mary Gauthier


"One of the most charming of the recent releases (and another destined for the iPod) is Reckless Records Garage Sale 1997-2003. The Australia-based label specializes in loosely defined country that encompasses singer/songwriter, alt-country, progressive country, country-rock, Americana, and possibly every variation of these with the exception of the slick, generic pop sounds of big label country. Audrey Auld and Bill Chambers take the lion's share of disc space, and they make good use of it. Eaglesmith's 'Wilder Than Her' is not to be missed, and Auld's 'He's A Good Dog' should be included on a yet-to-be-made dog song compilation. Several more tracks are worth the price of the CD. Other performers including Mary Gauthier and The Yearllings contribute to the completely delightful collection."

"Reckless Records is primarily Bill Chambers (father of Kasey Chambers) and Audrey Auld. The two Australians started the label to put out their wonderful collection of traditional country songs called Looking Back to See. Since then Audrey has married an American and is living happily on
the coast just north of San Francisco. She handles most of the Reckless business and is starting to tour the States more. First off, don't be misled by the Garage Sale title, this is a great collection of tunes, not leftovers like some labels do. Almost all the tracks feature Audrey's gorgeous voice,
sometimes solo or with Bill. She sings harmony with Fred Eaglesmith on "Wilder Than Her" too. There are also 3 songs from Bill Chambers and one each from Mary Gauthier and The Yearlings. You'll also find more straight-ahead country here then on her 2 solo releases. Nothing but quality stuff at this garage sale!"
~ Bill Frater, Nov ’03

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