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"RESURRECTION MOON" ~ Audrey Auld  (2012)

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Hot on the heels of her 2011 album, Come Find Me, Audrey Auld and Reckless Records are proud to announce the release of Resurrection Moon, a 20-track overview of the veteran singer-songwriter’s best-loved songs of the last decade.

"The only problem with Auld is trying to decide if she's more remarkable as a singer or a songwriter, which isn't the worst problem an artist can have."
~ John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, Austin, TX, April 2012

"Anyone doubting that Audrey Auld is one of the world's best songwriters should give it a listen." ~ Paul Riley, Country Music People, UK, April 2012

It’s been 15 years since Auld issued her debut EP — and 14 since the launch of her own Reckless label. In that time, the native Tasmanian (and as of 2011, proud naturalized American citizen) has released five internationally acclaimed solo albums of original songs, a live record, an acoustic collection of traditional Australian folk songs, and a duets album with Bill Chambers (1999’s Looking Back to See, winner of Best Album at the Australian Independent CM Awards). But she’s never stopped to catch her breath long enough to assemble a proper compilation of her own best work — until now.

These previously released tracks are the songs I continue to sing live,” says Auld from her home in East Nashville. “The songs may not be ‘hits,’ but they strike a chord which resonates in the hearts of listeners.”

Although it was obviously still too soon to mine songs from the album Come Find Me, Resurrection Moon cherry picks key tracks and time-tested fan favorites from her first four full-length studio releases as a solo artist: 2000’s The Fallen, 2003’s Losing Faith, 2005’s Texas, and 2007’s Lost Men & Angry Girls. And, for the Auld fan who already has everything — and is eagerly awaiting the follow-up to Come Find Me — the album is bookended with two brand new songs — “Resurrection Moon” and “Everything Be Alright” — recorded with Anne McCue in Nashville. Both of the new tracks fit right in with the older, careworn gems, and prove (just like Come Find Me), that Auld’s still writing at the top of her game.

As a collection of the best of Auld’s best (so far, at least!), Resurrection Moon plays like the perfect live set and showcase for the award-winning artist’s eclectic range of moods and styles: from the devastating frankness of “Losing Faith” (winner of the 2006 MerleFest Song Contest) and gorgeous sorrow of “Song for Clax” to the playful swing of “Jellyroll,” the giddy rush of “Love You Like the Earth,” and the tender familial affection of “My Father.” “These are Audrey’s marks of living, her scars and moments of revelation,” writes fellow Down-Under songwriter Terry McArthur (co-writer of “Resurrection Moon”) in the album’s liner notes. “Audrey writes the kind of songs that connect us to who we are and where we come from. Songs that leave you breathless with their beauty. Songs drawn from the deep well of the heart …

They’re also songs that, henceforth, will only be available on Resurrection Moon — at least in CD form. The original albums will all live on as digital downloads online, but Auld plans to stop manufacturing physical copies. She’ll surely be performing many of these songs live for years to come, but after this fond look back at her back pages with Resurrection Moon, Audrey Auld will only be found looking straight ahead to her future.


"Audrey Auld is one of my favourite songwriters. She brings intelligence and perceptiveness to her music, along with an exquisite way with words and melodies and sometimes her own quirky dry humour. Audrey’s been writing and recording for a decade and a half, and the amazing body of work she’s created in that time is now showcased on this very special album. The album features 20 extraordinary tracks, ranging from the warm “Jellyroll” to the dark “Black Cloud” and back up to the heartfelt love song “Love You Like the Earth”. They’re the songs Audrey’s audiences love – the ones she sings live. The album’s title track – a new song – is a masterpiece of the songwriter’s craft, a rich, lush tapestry of sounds and ideas that is almost addictive. The other new track, “Everything Be Alright”, is another standout. Other highlights include “I’d Leave Me Too”, “Bolinas”, “Not Who I Am” and “Last Seen in Gainsville”, but there’s not a bad track on the album. They’re all superb. This album is earth-shatteringly good. I just want to play it over and over again."
~ Sue Jarvis, Country Music Capital News, Australia

“Fair warning, you are going to run out of volume room while listening to Resurrection Moon. You know how that little kneejerk reaction that comes along when hearing music makes the volume turn up just a tad more as a response to that chill the sound sends up your spine. Emotions are the default setting for her words. There is really no way around it. Resistance is futile. Her ability to pass feelings through song is performed with the dedication of airborne allergies in the spring. If you are breathing, you will be infected.”
~ Danny McCloskey, Alternate Root, USA June 2012 [Full review here]

"The title track is a song that somehow sounds as ancient as the hills." ~ Rhythms, Australia

#1 on Radio Free Americana, NDL, March 2012

"Audrey Auld reminds us all of not only her sublime vocals, but also her transcendent songwriting gifts."
Full review by Adam Simon, Country HQ, Australia

"This chronicle of a woman's growth, pain and favorites lays a clean foundation of brisk and unexpected melodies topped off with Audrey's crisp clear voice and crisp clear stories. Hats off to Audrey making me tap my toe first and unravel her stories second. The crispness of these tunes is almost indigo-girls-esque, but only takes one strong voice to tell the song-stories. Great album, keep it near. " Anne Miller, Americana Gazette, USA

" A beautiful retrospective. Her music sounds heavenly. The 20 songs on this album come from the depths of her soul." Gerrit Vermeij, NDL

"a very good mixture that shows us her range, and it's well worth buying - no matter if you already have all her albums or just want to get an introduction to one of my personal favorite artists of the 2000 era." ~ Marcus Thell, Sweden

"She has matured into a strong singer and songwriter whose mix of country, folk, blues and roots quite gets under your skin. 20 ravishingly beautiful songs, including two new, make Resurrection Moon into a real gem. This surely is the perfect invitation for this truly talented artist." Max W. Achatz, Germany

"Many thanks for sending me this great CD of your past and brand new work. I'm happy to give it radio airplay, love the title song, too." Friedrich Hog, Denmark

"Audrey you've got a new fan I love your singing and and all your songs." Tommy Truesdale, Scotland

"Thank you so much for your fantastic new album."
Pieter van Mourik, NDL

"Merci beaucoup for sending me a copy of your so good compilation. You are a treasure and listening to your album made me realize how these songs are now in the collective memory. Your songs are wonderful moments of emotion and some move me a lot ...merci for being who you are in the musical landscape." Mike Penard, France

"I wanna thank you for your consideration and for the great songs shared. I found many songs that fit perfectly my radio show format and that'll find plenty of room there."
Remo Ricaldone, Italy

"There are many great songs." Jane Weber, Slovenia

1. Resurrection Moon
2. Losing Faith
3. I'd Leave Me Too
4. Bolinas
5. Doin' Well
6. Black Cloud
7. Down In A hole
8. Song For Clax
9. Your Eyes
10. Not Who I Am
11. Looking For Luckenbach
12. Ball & Chain
13. Last Seen In Gainesville
14. Love You Like The Earth
15. Hole In My Life
16. My Father
17. Next Big Nothing
18. Jellyroll
19. Buck Hungry
20. Everything Be Alright

All songs written by Audrey Auld (APRA/ASCAP/Audrey Mezera Music)
except "Resurrection Moon" Terry McArthur (APRA) & Audrey Auld

Tracks 1 and 20 Produced by Anne McCue and Audrey Auld
Recorded by Anne McCue at Flying Machine, Nashville 2012
Tracks 2, 5, 9, 10 and 17 from Losing Faith 2003
Tracks 3, 6, 8 and 18 from The Fallen 2000
Tracks 4, 7, 11, 13 and 19 from Lost Men & Angry Girls 2006
Tracks 12, 14, 15 and 16 from Texas 2005

Cover painting "Awakenings 1" by Deborah Young, Sydney, Australia


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