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"TEXAS" ~ Audrey Auld-Mezera  (2005)

All songs written by Audrey Auld except 'Karla Faye' written by Mary Gauthier & Crit Harmon

“Texas” is the first release from Audrey Auld-Mezera since becoming a U.S. resident and adopting her married name. Recorded live in the studio with Texan greats Carrie Rodriguez, Gabe & Kimmie Rhodes and Darcie Deaville, along with Will Landin (bass) and Wally Doggett (percussion) and Audrey’s Aussie mate Bill Chambers.

“Texas” is about people – Woody Guthrie, Harlan Howard, Billy Joe Shaver, Karla Faye Tucker, Dead Ringer Band, father, husband, and the universal family.

Love You Like The Earth
Karla Faye
My Father
Song For Harlan
Ball and Chain
Hole In My Life
Missin Mez
Billy Joe
One Eye

Produced by Gabe Rhodes and Audrey Auld


"her cracked-earth vocals that gleam here and there like broken glass." ~ No Depression

"The devotion of valuable creative space to Mezera's heroes pays off; the record is outstanding. "My Father" displays both the maturity that Mezera is gaining both in the pursuit of creative fertility and in personal relationships. This song pleads with a patriarchal figure to "never give up faith," among Gabe Rhodes' hauntingly spare harmonium. It is a treat of scant production and the power of minimalism." ~ Steve Martinez-Duhamell

"Her songs are vivid character-driven stories of heartbreak and heroes. The success of the album can be attributed to Mezera's beguiling voice and straightforward delivery. Her singing has a pretty lilt to it not unlike Iris DeMent, particularly on the achingly
beautiful "Hole in My Life." She can also adeptly traverse styles within the country genre including mimicking Hank Williams on "Ball and Chain" and the ethereal sound of Emmylou Harris on "Song for Harlan." Fans of Texas-style country served with a twist will be sure to love this recording."
~ Country Standard Time

"If there's one thing to be said for Audrey Auld-Mezera, when it comes to country, she certainly knows how to sing it in the finest traditional style. Now residing in the US, Audrey has come upwith one of her best albums to date, Texas.

This is an album which will delight those lovers of the more traditional styles of country. Audrey has the ability to put plenty of emotion and inflection in her songs and she shines on this album.With Audrey, you don't really expect to get anything else but country which has a strong connection to its roots and that's pretty much the case with the 11 tracks on Texas. Audrey has a voice ideally suited to singing this type of country and she has some good friends to help out on this album. If you are looking for something which is true to the heritage of country and not some formulated production, Audrey Auld Mezera's Texas is definitely for you." ~ Bob Anthony Jr,. Daily News, Qld.


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