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"TONK" ~ Audrey Auld  (2013)    



Some people say Nashville doesn't put out good country music anymore. Audrey Auld's Tonk album will prove them wrong. And how!

Singing better than ever and released on her own Reckless Records imprint, Tonk is without doubt Audrey Auld's finest work to date.  Audrey wears her love for old-school country on her sleeve. But this is no retro devotional. Audrey is a self-actualized woman singing out all her love, loneliness and laughter, with a fabulous band playing a swinging beat. This is country music the way it ought to feel.

The past six years spent living in Nashville inspired many of the songs on Tonk. Says Audrey, "I stood in the studio with this great band and knew that I had lived my whole life to get to this point. It was so much fun and such an honour to play with these great guys, the way country music should be recorded. There's not much I needed to say to them. I'd just play them the song and they'd fall right in the groove."

Tonk was recorded in the late Jim Reeves' studio in Nashville and produced by George Bradfute and Kenny Vaughan. Kenny invited his Fabulous Superlative mates Harry Stinson and Paul Martin along with Chris ScruggsAndy Leftwich (Ricky Skaggs) and Gary Carter (Connie Smith). Music City was built by great musicians like these, playing together live in the studio, and Tonk was made the same way. No isolation booths, no compiling, no 'phoned-in' tracks. Every track on Tonk captures the fun and ease of the sessions. Audrey and the Tonk band recorded 16 songs in 2 days and boy do they sound good. 

Twelve tracks are from Audrey's pen, plus 'Crying The Blues' by Willie P. Bennett (Fred Eaglesmith Band) and Sydney's Terry McArthur wrote 'Sweet Alcohol'. 


1. Bound For Glory  
 2. Broken Hearted Woman  
 3. Drinking Problem  
 4. Kiss Me  
 5. Crying The Blues  
 6. Nashville #1  
 7. Nashville #2  
 8. Siren Song  
 9. Your Wife  
10. Lonely Town  
11. Sweet Alcohol  
12. Rack Off  
13. Yes Best Left  
14. Bury Me At Walmart


Fourteen tracks are on the TONK CD, while two additional songs recorded during the same sessions (unsuitable for kids or the delicate) are available on 7" vinyl (above) and mp3 download (below):

Download Fuck Off:

Available from CDBaby here

Download Support Group:

Available from CDBaby here  


Download TONK lyrics here.

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Five star review from UK magazine, Country Music People
"Brilliant songs, great vocals, first class musicianship and fantastic production. I certainly couldn't ask for more".
~ Chris Smith

"Auld cares about real country music like they used to, and she sings her idea, and a good one, of it. I don't know what that will do to enhance her career, inasmuch as her approach is too intelligent, too distinctive and too self-aware to pass for what passes for country these days. Still, she's done a favor to those of us who live for actual, as opposed to manufactured, music." ~

"Right from the outset, this latest release from the Nashville residing Aussie sets out to be a blueprint of how traditional country music can be made relevant in the 21st Century and Audrey succeeds in this mission. ...the fourteen tracks of TONK spans the repertoire of traditional country served with a voice ranging from tear jerking sweetness to an earthy bitterness. The style is uncompromising and organic with a touch of humour added both lyrically and in the outtake nature to some of the songs. ...this exceptional album shouldn't just be directed at specific groups as its paradigm of country values will spread out to anybody with a fleeting interest in the genre."

Three Chords & The Truth Blog, UK
Read the complete review here

"Tonk is a whole heap of country fun. It’s funny, sad, and, above all, true to life. Auld’s vocals are superb and her songwriting is incredible. The band she has assembled are simply astonishing, playing accomplished solos and doing the regular backing work with equal skill. Auld is clearly well-versed in country, and clearly has a strong affinity with the genre – without such, this album would come across as a tacky pastiche. Instead, it soars on steel guitars and mandolin to the very apex of entertaining and engaging Americana." ~ PennyBlackMusic

"Tonk stands as an immediate classic and is a peer to the albums of the past that put their home town of Nashville on the map."
~ Danny McCloskey, Alternate Root
Read the complete review here

"While absorbing all the appropriate country sounds, Auld still injects a striking antipodean accent into her songs to enhance their roots authenticity."
~ It's Only Rock & Roll blog
Read the full review here

"This is an all round great album. It is rooted in traditional country music
but is never backward looking. The playing and the singing are focused and sharp. The songwriting is well thought out. However it is, above all, great fun.
A great listen. It certainly honks my tonk."

Lonesome Highway, Ireland
Read the complete review here

"Tonk" is a good natured album just like they used to make before the
business decided to retrofit that pedal steel sound on to AOR. If this were 1967,
I don't doubt that Audrey Auld would be singing at the Grand Ole Opry."

BluesBunny Music Reviews, UK
Read the complete review here

"Tonk is a great album with my favourite artwork of the year so far
and Audrey Auld's voice and songwriting skills are talents to behold in a very shallow musical world."

Alan Harrison, No Depression
Read the complete review here

"Here is one of the most traditional sounding albums to come out of Music City since Loretta Lynn hit town." Stewart Fenwick, blogger & DJ, Scotland

Read the full review here

"...the fine album "TONK" by Audrey Auld. Just released the album is a collection of insightful, cynical, and downright sexy songs from the musical mind of this expat Tasmanian." ~ John Nutting, Australian Country, online radio show

"This unpretentious performer describes her style as “music with the dirt left on,” and her uncluttered and emotionally direct approach to music-making is certainly one of the most appealing features of the excellent Tonk. Audrey may have been born in Tasmania but her decision to relocate to Nashville six years ago has obviously reinforced her passion for old style country fare, and devotees of Americana and roots music in general would be well advised to lend an ear to fine tracks such as Bound For Glory, Siren Song or the elegaic Lonely Town."

~ Kevin Bryan, multiple UK newspapers
Read review here

"She is a wonderful songwriter and better than some of those enjoying hits every other week on the Billboard charts." ~ Maurice Hope, FlyinShoesReview
Read full review here

"a contemporary take on the sound of Kitty, Tammy and Jeannie
with an Aussie twist"
~ Beat Surrender blog
Read full review here

"she can do sad country Cline waltzing in style. This will be well worth honking on the horn about when she tours the UK next year." ~ NetRhythms

"the kind of album that used to be a Music City staple back in the day of proper country without the bombast and the bullshit, the noise and the nonsense. However, the less said about the crass Aussie humour of 'Rack Off' (despite its nod to Johnny Cash & The Tenessee Three), the better." ~
David Burke, R2

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